New interpretations of jazz standards and original material by Tokyo artists

Have you ever noticed that some singers, after a distinguished career, will indulge themselves by releasing an album of jazz standards. Linda Ronstadt did it. So did Rod Stewart and Sting and Willie Nelson. Oh, Bob Dylan and Lady Gaga too. Yeah, it’s kind of a thing.

We like that performers and listeners alike want to add to the library of interpretations of the old jazz standards. After all, in the classical music world, people are continuing to produce new recordings of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms.

In that vein, we too have something to offer the jazz world. A fresh take on jazz standards from an unexpected source of talent. If you’ve ever been to Tokyo, and dropped in on its lively jazz scene, you’ll know that there is an enormous amount of talent. Them cats can really swing. But there is one fatal flaw–the English pronunciation of the singers.

So for us, that was the opportunity. At the Purest Jazz label, this is what we do: select the best jazz singers and musicians in the Japanese jazz scene (think cozy little bars and cafes across Tokyo); work with them on their pronunciation as part of artist development; and release fine recordings that either transcend jazz as we know it in the form of new material, or take the old jazz standards where they have never gone before.

Purest Jazz presents jazz that swings, and jazz that’s cool–just the way you like it.


Latest Single: More Than You Know
Artist: Rufus Lin